jeudi 6 janvier 2011

Salt Lake City Art Gallery ‘Promotes’ Immigration Discussion

Jimmy Lucero, "Anchor Baby", 2010.
Just in time for upcoming immigration reform in the Utah Legislature, a Salt Lake City based art gallery has put on display a new exhibit titled, ‘Driven From the State: An Exhibit of Art and Ideas.’ The new art show includes the work of more than a dozen Utah artists who works hope to convey “compassion and reason to the debate” on immigration.
Though the exhibit has sparked controversy surrounding its forward stance on the hot-button issue of immigration, artists involved in the show hope that their works with convey an understanding and open discussion about this issue. The gallery has defended the exhibit stating that art can be a rational means of discussing this topic.
I have to say that I find the art show is an inventive and effective way of taking a stance on this issue. By using art as a means to openly discuss this controversial topic, those unsure of their position can begin to see another side of the debate. Take a look at an image of one of the paintings included in the exhibit.

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